Project Leadership

We have a long track record of leading successful projects at the Project Manager, Program Manager and Portfolio levels. Our consultants bring together years of hands-on experience with the political wherewithal and people skills so important to ensuring project success.

We have the ability and experience to take a project through all phases from ideation through implementation—and we can be engaged from the beginning or at any stage along the way.
  • Meet your strategic goals. We operate at the strategic level, with the ability to drill down and address issues at the tactical level as well.
  • Bring technology and operations together for mutual benefit. Because we have extensive experience at the operational level, we can bridge any gaps between technology and operations.
  • Begin with the end in mind. Our operational knowledge also enables us to work within your organization to support the most efficient and safest outcome.
  • Count on clarity, candor and common sense. We take a pragmatic approach to project leadership and give you clear and honest input during pre-project planning and implementation.

“LaPlant’s knowledge of healthcare and experience in project management make them extremely valuable in bridging between operations and IT.”

Lori J. Mitchell Chief Financial Officer, UW Medicine Vice President of Medical Affairs, University of Washington